Friday, February 11

Spreading Love… and Healthy Living!

I just heard about an exciting movement this week!  It’s called The 100 Women Project.  Not a super catchy name, but wait until you hear their goal.  It’s a movement being run by a mom and daughter duo.  With daughter’s help, mom lost 90 pounds and has learned how to keep it off.  The duo is determined to help other women accomplish similar goals, and their hope is to create a ripple effect of health and wellness that travels far beyond their initial scope.
Here’s how the program is going to work.  They’re looking for 100 women to join the project.  These women will receive all the tools and support they need on their journey: coaching, nutrition guidance, food recommendations, self-care products, recipes, etc.  Participants will learn how to build sustainably healthy lives.
The project will culminate with a book that will not only celebrate the transformations of this initial 100 women, but will serve as inspiration for other women now embarking on their own transformations of health and wellness.
You can check out their story and other program details at
I’m really excited about this project, I’ll be following it as they get started in the next couple of months.  It’s motivating to see others succeed in passing on their experiences and knowledge.  I know that my own transformation made me want to share it with others.
I hope you’ll hop by their website and check it out.  Please pass it on to anyone who you think might be interested in becoming a participant!  There aren’t many people in this world just handing out help with good hearts—you need to accept the help in whatever form it comes.


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