Monday, February 7

Bouncing Back!

Well, my beloved Steelers let me down yesterday.  But you can’t win them all!  It was a good game, and—at least at my house—even better food!  I couldn’t resist cooking up a Pittsburgh classic: Kielbasa, pierogies and sauerkraut!  It definitely wasn’t a low-call kind of meal, but I have to let myself go every now and then.
I find that I’m getting much better at bouncing back to my normal routine when I let myself have these little caloric vacations.  I didn’t keep any of the leftovers (I know, my mother would be appalled), and I definitely didn’t force them on any of my guests (my biggest pet peeve ever)!  I did bring the extra cupcakes into work, but frankly it’s just payback for my coworkers who always have junk food sitting around their own desks.  I packed my breakfast and lunch today, and I’ve got my trip to the gym planned for tonight.
When living healthy is your daily routine, it’s not so hard to get back onto the right track if you take a small detour!
If you find that bouncing back is harder than you think it should be, take a look at your daily habits and routines.  Do you find that your own healthy lifestyle is your “normal”?  Or is it less a part of your daily schedule than you realize?
If you’ve made many healthy changes to your own life—and stuck to them for a while—do you find that you can bounce back pretty easily from these kinds of days?


Anonymous said...

Surrounding yourself with positive feedback and positive people always help 'bounce back'! As you say keeping that routine makes it a lot easier. Also having a great support group of friends, family, trainer, dietician, etc. always keep you consistent.

Glad to hear you threw away the high cal leftovers :)

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