Monday, February 14

Love Those Pounds Away!

In honor of Valentine’s Day today—especially considering most of us will both be eating out and skipping the gym—here’s a few ways you can get to your daily calorie burn and get your lovin’ in at the same time:
Grab your hubby’s hand and go for a walk.  A one-mile leisurely stroll will burn 100 calories for you.
If you add some smooching in during your walk, you can burn 2 calories for each minute you spend lip-locked.
Or the two of you could jump on one of those very romantic two-seater bikes.  With the breeze in your hair, a 30-minute pedal with your love could burn you 150 calories.
Let’s say you happen to ride that two-seater to a secluded romantic spot, a little… ahem… “interlude” would add 30 calories to your daily burn.
I’m splurging for the day and doing pizza and a movie with the husband.  How are you spending your Love Day?


Raegun said...

Great tips - have a happy Vday!

Anonymous said...

Haha I like yours the best. Pizza sounds like my kind of option out of all those!

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