Monday, January 3

Your Beginning!

Welcome to 2011!  The holidays are behind us, and we’re staring down a fresh start.  I love a clean slate!  And I don’t care who you are—we all need a clean slate right now.  Whether you’re a size 2 or a 26, you’re a couple pounds heavier than you were at the beginning of October.
So here we are armed with our resolutions.  We’re ready to go!  We’re committed!  And we’ve been here before…
Anyone remember their 2010 resolutions?
This year, we’re going to do some reflection over our resolutions and set ourselves up for success!
1)      Is my resolution too lofty?  I didn’t want to ask if it was “realistic” or “attainable.”  If your resolution is to lose 100 pounds, you can and are capable of doing that.  But when you set your first goal too high, you guarantee yourself a struggle in reaching it.  Make your goal easy!  Set yourself to lose 5 pounds.  You’ll reach it quickly and can set your next goal at 10 pounds.  Give yourself room for momentum.
2)      Is my resolution really my goal?  Do you really want to lose 5 pounds, or do you want to feel better about yourself?  Maybe your goal is really to feel physically fit or to be able to run up the stairs without being winded.  All these goals have very different ways of getting there.  And you may work at your resolution, but never feel the happiness you could if you actually accomplish your real goal.
3)      Can I see myself achieving my resolution?  If you can’t visualize it, you’ll never get there.  We don’t realize how much we hold ourselves back!  When you reach your goal, it may be completely different from how you even imagined (I could never have truly imagined my life as it is now).  But you need to be able to see yourself reaching that finish line—the subconscious knowledge that you can and will.
What are your resolutions?  Do you plan on adjusting your resolution at all?  January 3 isn’t too late to do a little midcourse correction.  Share your resolution and book mark this page—visit back to remind yourself of your real goals.


Arya said...

My resolution is to have a real healthy lunch every day with protein rather than snacking. This keeps my calories down at lunch and my sugars balanced so I don't snack more later in the day.

Mum said...

My resolution is to really think before eating something with sugar or white flour

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