Friday, January 21

Diet Food Protest

The lovely Lorrie, over at The Token Fat Girl, posted an interesting personal discovery this week.  She was talking about the differences between “diet food” and “health food.”
She defines “diet food” as anything in a package that has a weight loss claim.  I thought it was a very good description!  These are the foods that you might like or not like, but that we can easily find ourselves gravitating toward in our search for that quick fix weight loss solution.
“Health food,” on the other hand, is what I think Miss Lorrie would describe as anything natural.  It’s safe to say that these are the foods that we all know we should eat every day, but most likely don’t.
Now, we know that any food—however we classify it—can potentially be unhealthy in large amounts.  Avocado is definitely a natural food, but if you choose to each 20 avocados every day you’re certainly not going to lose any weight.  But most of us generally don’t get enough of these “health foods” in our diets every day.
For example, yesterday I decided to only eat like 4 of my Zone protein bars, some Greek yogurt and granola.  Needless to say I desperately need to go grocery shopping.  Calorie-wise, my day was great!  I hit my 1200 calorie goal with no problem.  Nutrition-wise, well…  my day was lacking.
Do you ever feel like you need to strike from your “diet food?”  Does your “diet food” make you feel deprived?  Or do you feel that it helps you not feel deprived?


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