Monday, January 24

Skipping the Gym

I was meeting with my trainer the other day—I figured a good way to jumpstart my fitness is a couple weeks of visiting the ol’ trainer—and he was asking me about my weekly schedule.  I gave him a rundown of the classes I like and machines I like on days when I don’t have class.  He asked, “What days are your days off?”  I laughed at him.  I don’t schedule myself days off from working out because they seem to happen all on their own!
Those are the days when you get home from work, having every intention of going to the gym throughout the day, but after cooking dinner you just can’t seem to muster the energy to head back out again.  Often I feel guilty for not making any effort to be active.  That’s why I have a few Plan B’s at home!
One of my favorite at-home activities is video games!  If this sentence takes you by surprise, then you haven’t been paying much attention to what your kids are playing.  My parents have a Wii—my mom loves the Wii Zumba and Wii Fit games.  I got my brother the Wario Smooth Moves game for Christmas and you’d be shocked at the sweat you can build up just paying a simple game.  At our house, we have a new Kinect!  I love the Dance Central game (I can’t dance, but I’m a star!).
I don’t have any machines or weights at home, but I did splurge on a Bosu Ball.  It’s a great tool that I can use for balance, abs, legs, pushups or anything I can think of!  You don’t have to fill your house with fitness aids or bulky machines (that just end up holding your laundry).  But if you pick one tool to keep around, you have a backup plan for those days when you just want to stay in, like a yoga mat, a balance disc, or an exercise band.
What kind of backup plan do you have for when your normal routine gives?  Any favorite DVD workouts?  Have you tried other simple exercises that don’t require any equipment?


Tina said...

That's one of the best pieces of advice Jack Sh*t ever gave me...never schedule a day off because life has a way of taking care of that for you!

Mom said...

Amazon has a ton of cheap dance workout DVDs that I found. That way I can pop one in for something different and not get bored with the same thing all the time (even though Zumba is NEVER boring!!)

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