Wednesday, November 17

The Distraction Box

So we’re back to discussing cravings!  I read the greatest idea this week—it’s called a Distraction Box:
Make yourself a "distraction box" in which you put lists of activities that are highly distracting to you (e.g., friends to call or e-mail, Web sites to visit, computer games you like to play, chores that need to be done) and objects you can use to distract yourself (a word puzzle book, a favorite DVD or CD -- if they're distracting enough -- a catalog, etc.) For women, an excellent addition to the box is a bottle of nail polish. By the time your nails dry, your craving will be gone (full article here, but the rest of it isn’t that good).
I loved this idea!  I’m totally making myself a box tonight, and I’m making a list of things I plan on putting inside (yes, this is what I’m doing at work):
·         One of those books on my shelf that I’m always meaning to start reading.
·         My notebook where I work on my writing.
·         My To Do List (a few chores as well as errands)
·         Card making supplies (I’m a crafty kind of gal and I love rubber stamping)
My list was good, but this is definitely a box that’s really only useful at home.  What about work?  That’s mostly where my cravings happen.  I can’t really have a box of distractions for work.  So I’m creating a Word doc  to keep on my computer at work:
·         List of my favorite and inspirational blogs (these are usually quick reads and very encouraging)
·         List of my favorite workout songs (when I listen to my work out music, I find all food cravings disappear to make room for my craving for a good work out)
·         The people at work and on my instant messenger that I like to talk with (conversation is always a distraction for me)
·         A Before photo of myself (I love fat pictures!  They’re so inspiring!)
What do you think?  What would you put in your box?  Any other good ideas for work?  That’s my hot zone, so I need distractions a plenty sometimes!


Floriana said...

I wrote about that same idea in my blog just the other day. I listened to an interview with Dr Beck and she mentioned it. I thought it was a great way to help fight cravings.

Raegun said...

I love this idea!
I would put a Starbucks' gift card in my work box because it would require me to get out for a good walk (as long as I stick to a low-cal Americano!).

Becky said...

Perfect timing, Floriana! I love knowing we're all going through the same thing. :D

I'm with you Rae--as long as I would lay off the half-and-half on my own Americano. I have to say that I find coffee completely fulfilling sometimes when I get that craving for something sweet. A little cream and splenda in a cup of joe are enough to do the trick.

skcorynaffit said...

Can you put a kitten in that box?

We could always walk around the block (If we stopped for some coffee at the end I wouldn't complain...) but taking the long way to Starbucks can be our own personal "Cig Break."

I would also put a bottle of water in my box, a coloring book, and some cleaning supplies. In fact, when I go into the kitchen b/c I'm bored instead of hungry, I hope for some dishes to clean or a left over meal from someone else to tidy.

Lorrie said...

I love this idea!! A distraction box!

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