Friday, September 3

If you’re going to do it, do it right!

On principle, I try never to rant on my blog.  It’s a struggle!  Ask my husband; I’m extremely prone to ranting.  However, today I’m going to give in and then I promise we’ll get back to some fascinating solutions on how to deal with highly palatable foods.
I can’t count the number of times I walk through my gym and see someone walking on the treadmill.  You might think, “What’s the big deal?  Walking is great exercise!”  I agree: walking is fantastic exercise.  However, some people realize that walking up a hill is even better exercise.  And it is!  When you add an incline to your normal walk, it’s surprising how quickly you’re panting and sweating.
However, when you get on a treadmill, crank the incline up to the maximum, and then hang onto the hand bar in front of you for dear life so you don’t fall off the treadmill, you’re not getting any of that benefit from the incline!  Let go of the hand bar and trudge up that incline on your own, for heaven’s sake!
When you hold onto the hand bar, your legs and feet are still perpendicular to the actual treadmill belt despite the incline.  The only difference between using a treadmill like that and using it normally is that you’re putting all your weight into your arms and shoulders (which, I probably don’t need to spell out for you, isn’t super nice to your arms and shoulders).  You lose all the benefit from using your thigh and calf muscles to propel your weight up the incline.
And you look ridiculous.


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