Wednesday, March 17

The Wedding Dress

In October last year, I was down about 30 pounds when I realized I could probably fit in my wedding dress again! It had been seven and a half years since the big day, and I “grew” out of that sucker pretty quickly. I put it on and it was almost a little big!

I dragged Jared (the husband) to the ProClub to play photographer. The picture is with my doctor, my trainer and my dietician (Dr. Perkins, Heath and Ashley).

I’ve had so much fun wearing my dress again! I wore it while my guild raided Ulduar in World of Warcraft. I wore it to read on the couch (of course my black cat wanted to sit on my lap). I really wanted to go grocery shopping in it, but Jared just rolled his eyes when I suggested it.

Now? It’s falling off me. Sad face! I can almost suck in and have it literally fall off me, but my hips are in the way. I’m getting it taken in so I can wear it again—I’ll post pics when I do!


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