Tuesday, March 16

Monday Night Body Attack!

I just got back from my typical Monday night: BODY ATTACK at the Redmond Gold’s Gym! I can’t even tell you how inspiring and motivating being a part of this class—no, this community—has been for me as I lost weight, and now as I keep it off.

BODY ATTACK is a high impact, sports-inspired aerobic workout (not too dance-y for the uncoordinated me). I love the workout, and it’s the highlight of the beginning of my week. The teachers motivate and encourage me every week (holla’ Vicky, Julie, Ryan and Jenna!). And my classmates are amazing—I stood toward the back today (I don’t often), and some of my classmates have fantastic looking butts (very motivating)!

Even if this doesn’t quite sound like your cup of tea, I recommend getting yourself involved in an exercise community of some kind. When you love what you’re doing and who you’re doing it with, you’re far more likely to keep it up long term.


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