Saturday, October 23

The Old and the New


I don’t normally get all sappy and introspective here, but I’m going to indulge myself today.  I’m feeling pretty good about where I’m at right now—I’ve been putting up new photos of me and my husband around the house today!  I have to say, I honestly love my old photos.  I was never miserable or depressed about my weight, so I don’t look at those photos with disgust.  And I love having them around the house to remind me of how far I’ve come!
I also wear stripes way better than I used to!
I'm thrilled with my fitness and the control I've established over my weight.  And even though I'm not maintaining a perfect weight (my doctor and trainer keep asking me if I want to lose more now that I'm regularly 175), my weight fits my life well.  I feel like I could lose more weight when I want to, but that I'm liking where I am at now.
I can't encourage people enough: if you think your weight is interferring with your life, if you are unhappy with your weight and your body, you can change today!  Not someday.  Not tomorrow.  Today is the day when you can accept responsibility for your own health and your own emotional well being.  Don't wait!  How are you going to change your life today?


Raegun said...

This is such an incredible post. It really is about deciding to do something meaningful today, isn't it? You have absolutely transformed in those two pics - so inspiring!

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