Thursday, May 20

The Dirty Dozen

I was speaking with my dietician today, and she informed me there is an updated 2010 Dirty Dozen list out now. And you think, “That wasn’t a very good movie the first time around. Why would they remake it?”

I’m talking about the Dirty Dozen in your produce section. These are the top worst foods which deliver pesticides into our bodies. As you roll your eyes and think to yourself, “I always wash or peel my veggies and fruit,” I interject with the fact that the pesticides measured in the Dirty Dozen are measured after the produce has been washed, rinsed or peeled (depending upon how the food is commonly eaten). This means the Environmental Working Group measures the pesticides in a peeled banana, or rinsed lettuce or a washed apple.

Get it now? You’re still getting pesticides in your body despite your current efforts. The Dirty Dozen are just the fruits and veggies that deliver the biggest doses.

Click here to print out a handy dandy wallet-sized version.

Now, if you’ve been reading my posts at all, you know I’m not “all aboard” the Organic Train. I think a lot of people spend ridiculous amounts of money on organic foods that are no better or worse than their conventional counterparts. However, in the case of the Dirty Dozen, money well spent, people. There are some pretty nasty chemicals found in pesticides. Even if you’re willing to put them in your own body, are you willing to put them in your kids?


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