Friday, December 3

Surviving the Holidays - Part 1

We’re starting off our December series on surviving the holidays and temptation with a few tips and tricks!  These are strategies I use, or my friends use, or suggestions I’ve received from people.
Eat Your Veggies!  Even if you’re not tracking anything you’re eating, counting calories, or using any other strategies—if you’re eating eight servings of vegetables in your day, you won’t have as much room for other junk.  It’s easy during the holidays to find vegetables smothered in fat and sugar, but there are plenty of good recopies that can keep vegetables calorically simple.  If you’re loading up on low cal healthy foods, you’ll be less hungry which makes resisting temptation much easier.
Eat Right Part Time!  My counselor had recommended during my Christmas vacation last year to commit to eating at least two meals each day well.  If I knew I was doing brunch with the family, then commit to eating a small but healthy lunch and dinner.  This always made me feel pretty good!  Even if I was feeling a little guilty over the one meal, I could think “at least I did well on the other two!”
Enjoy the Good Stuff!  My friend Katie reminded me of a great philosophy I used to use daily.  If you’re staring at a bowl of chips, it’s easy to tell yourself “I can have these any time.  If want chips next week, I could go buy them.”  If you’re going to indulge, aim for foods that you can’t have that often (like Katie’s homemade sugar cookies!).  It makes passing up on some treats easier.
Have a Plan!  You all know I’m a planner.  Even if you get to a party and suddenly realize your plan flew out the window, you at least started off as well as you possibly could.  And you always run the chance that your plan will actually work!  Lately, I’ve found myself assuming my plans will fall through, so it ends up being a little self-fulfilling prophecy.  I need to start letting my plans work the way that they should, but not feeling too guilty when they do fall through.
How do you survive temptation?  How do you arm yourself to avoid overeating or overcoming temptations?


Mum said...

Had my first Christmas party of the year yesterday which was all hors d'overs. I brought the fancy fruit tray so that I at least knew there would be something healthy there. When going through the food line I put fruit on half of my plate and took a small portion of the other appetizers. When the desserts were set out, I pondered if life would end if I didn't eat them. They looked good, but if I ate them, would I feel happy with myself - no. So, I had two tiny pieces of choc/white choc bark and a plate of fruit! I actually love fruit especially when it is cut up for me already! Later in the evening at home, I was hungry and had a piece of turkey. So, I consider that a successful event!

Simply Life said...

Great tips!

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