Wednesday, August 18

Defriend Temptation!

I was playing on Facebook at work today (no, this is not my job), and I was drooling over Trophy Cupcakes newest status update. Trophy is this AMAZING cupcake store down the street. I swear, they have daily status updates, and the cupcakes just look enticing. I say to my coworker, “I’m going to have to defriend Trophy if they keep up the daily updates.” Every time I see their logo, I start drooling!

But the better question is: why haven’t I defriended them yet?! If every time I see an update from Trophy it’s a challenge to not run down the street and buy a cupcake, why in the world do I leave them in my Facebook friends? I think we’re all suckers for punishment. And I think we all put ourselves in a lot of situations—that we don’t necessarily need to be in—that create temptation. Often, temptation we have no intention of resisting.

You’re saying right now, “I don’t do that. Why would I purposefully put temptation in front of me when I’m trying to lose weight?” How about those times we arrive home and plop the mail down on the kitchen counter to go through it. Why do we need to go through the mail in the kitchen? You’re just making yourself hungry being in there! Leave the kitchen and dining room for eating, not for living.

So you walk into your living room and what do you have sitting on your coffee table? A bag of chips? A bowl of candy? Your lunch? Keep the food in your kitchen, not in the rest of your house.

Don’t take the trip to Starbucks with your coworkers, but talk them into walking around the block a time or two to stretch your legs. Don’t go to the grocery store hungry. Keep some almonds or turkey jerky in your purse for those times you go to the grocery store hungry anyway. Take your kids to the park, not out to ice cream. Ask your husband to go on a bike ride, not out to dinner.

Think about the situations and habits in your life when you put yourself around food or in temptations way… and then change it!


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