Monday, April 26

Join the Revolution!

If you’re not watching Jamie Oliver’s Food Revolution, then you need to be. Friday nights on ABC, the man previously known as the Naked Chef is trying to revolutionize Huntington, West Virginia—a city with a reputation for being the unhealthiest city in America.

You can find all the episodes so far on Hulu.

Much of the show is emotionally devastating for me. Jamie takes fresh vegetables into a first grade classroom and the kids can’t even identify what they are. During a cooking class, a woman in her 50s admits she’s never cooked in her entire life. An entire family suffering from obesity eats nothing but fried food and pizza for every daily meal.

The most devastating thing to learn is that government red tape and restrictions are what keep much of the sugary and fattening foods in our schools. Schools are required to offer varieties of milk, even if chocolate and strawberry flavored milk has more sugar in it than a can of Pepsi. Schools are required to offer a vegetable choice separate from the main dish (regardless of the dish having vegetables in it), and that vegetable choice can be French fries.

Hopefully the show helps to horrify our country into some serious change!


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